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Restaurant’s air quality

Enjoying a meal with loved ones over the weekend, going out on a date, or enjoying some me-time over coffee and nibbling with a book – there are many ways one fancies eating out at a restaurant or eatery. Millions of people eat out each day, and this has become a lifestyle change. However, the pandemic has made everyone wary of eating out with virus scares, and the thought of sharing a table, spaces and cutlery with others is at the top of their minds.

Usually, there are regulatory authorities, both at the state and central levels that monitor and standardise hygiene and quality at the restaurant. The food, water, seating space and cleanliness are all checked. However, air quality, especially in high-heat environments like the kitchen and the adjoining seating areas is a significant factor. With airborne diseases accounting for one of the major contributors to contagious diseases, it is wise to install an air purifier at your restaurant. It can reasonably assure your restaurant patrons and having a fresh air ventilation system for commercial spaces can make your restaurant a safe place.

Some of the major benefits a fresh air system offers apart from the obvious cleanliness angle are as follows:

Makes your restaurant safer, cleaner and germ-free:

Pre-pandemic is an elusive state these days. There have been several permanent changes in the behaviour of the consumer – cleanliness, washing hands, and sanitising surfaces are one of them.  Getting an air purifier will make your restaurant look, and feel safe. Customers who walk in a reassured that you care about their health and that their safety is their priority.

Keeps dust at bay

Despite regular dusting and cleaning, dust accumulates on surfaces. If the weather is windy, these dust particles fly and find a way to enter human bodies causing a range of infections and allergies. If your restaurant is situated near busy areas or is on the road, you should vary from automobile smoke and dust entering your restaurant premises. This dust causes sinusitis, allergies, respiratory issues and pulmonary dysfunctions. Further, if there are playgrounds or construction sites close by, you need to pay particular attention to air quality. The fresh air system having an air purifier removes dust and releases fresh air back into the indoor space.

Removes odours

Restaurants are places with strong odours in play.
The foods and the heat have overpowering odours of their own, and also form new smells when they come into contact with other stored foods, ingredients and moisture. Sometimes, when the dish itself is one of a subtle fragrance, the overpowering one can mask it, making the dish itself unpleasant. An air purifier removed hanging odours, making your words smell refreshingly fresh and their flavour profiles in fact. Remember that smell forms a very important aspect of a dish that is being served.

Decreases the effect of smoke

If your restaurant has a smoking zone, it may result in passive smoking. Smoke from the smoking zone, or the vehicles if your restaurant is in a busy place, there is harmful smoke coming in, gases and fumes that though diluted find their way inside. Having a fresh air ventilation system will help in this case, cleaning, freshening and clearing the air as it comes in.

Pet fur and odours

Some restaurants that are pet-friendly need to take extra precautions when it comes to sanitation and pet dander. Apart from using a Commercial central vacuum system to clean up the shed fur, using a fresh air system will ensure that your restaurant will be free from all the pet odours that come with our fur friends. Bad odours, especially the ones that pets bring in could mask the freshness of food or the fragrance of food itself, making it unpleasant. It can also mitigate the allergens released by cats or other pets for the benefit of other guests in the restaurant.

Keeps guests happy and comfortable

Allergens, fumes and smoke or bad air can make guests and customers in your restaurant feel uncomfortable. They can also trigger allergies that as restaurant owners and managers, you need to be extra careful with because these can escalate quickly. In a food-based business, it can turn quite nasty in a matter of minutes. A fresh air system can help improve sleep, keep guests comfortable and fight against allergens.

Eliminates dust, fumes and airborne microbes

Restaurants are busy places with thousands of things happening all at once. During peak hours, people are coming in and out and you do not have control over where they have been or what happens outside. Despite cleaning regularly and sanitising at intervals, smells from restrooms, kitchens and outside are huge challenges. Now, keeping it fresh, clean and dust free is easy with a fresh air system. It makes the jobs of your restaurant staff easier at least when it comes to dust, fumes and odours.

Further, airborne microbes including viruses, bacteria and fungi spores are eliminated through the HEPA filter most ventilation systems have. 

To conclude..

Your restaurant is a busy place with lots of activity and people. The kitchen, public areas and restrooms are full of fumes, and odours and are susceptible to harmful disease cause bacteria. A fresh air ventilation system is the perfect solution to meet your cleanliness needs and keeps your internal air quality intact.

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