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Fresh Air System

Continuous ventilation is a must if you want to maximize the quality of life indoors and achieve a healthy living climate. After all, you spend 85 percent of your time indoors. Ventilation helps avoid unpleasant odour, allergies and other health problems. In addition, your building or home will be protected against condensation problems and mold formation.
In other words: a reliable ventilation system that does not interfere with comfort is an absolute must. This video informs you of the importance of ventilation.

Central Vacuum Systems

The Secret to keep it simply Clean. Our range of Automated Solution includes both wet & dry cleaning which is virtually maintenance free, zero noise system & takes away all your worries and nuisance of traditional cleaning.
We provide solutions for both residential and commercial & industrial applications.


  • Ventilation, in the simplest of terms, is the process of flushing out stale air and replacing it with fresh air. Good ventilation is necessary not just for breathing, because it affects oxygen levels directly, but also as the oxygen levels are reduced indoors or in any other area, the removal of pollutants, dust, humidity, temperature and odours is also impacted. Which places need ventilation? Ventilation is essential, especially in places where machinery is placed and kept running, cooking takes place, bathrooms, etc., These are places where a constant supply of oxygen is needed for burning, cooling, odour removal or humidity control. The ventilation

  • As adorable as little kids can be, they are curious and messy. Cleaning up after them for moms can feel cumbersome. They are little bundles of energy, and their mess-making never ceases.  You might think it gets better after they grow up, but any mom of a primary schoolgoer would smile and shake her head in dismay against that hope. One might ask if there could ever be the possibility of a clean home when kids are growing up. Despite this being a blog post for doable cleaning chores, bear with me if it feels like parenting advice initially. Should kids clean? The arguments,

  • Maybe you love home technology, gadgets and electronics that make your life easier. A central vacuum system seems like it is feasibility only for large offices or commercial spaces, industries or warehouses, where the area is so large that tugging around a vacuum cleaner seems a huge task. However, the idea of a Residential central vacuum system for homes has been gaining popularity. A central vacuum system is integrated with a building’s scaffolding at the construction stage itself, is expensive and seems elusive. But is that really so? Let us take a look. What is a Central Vacuum System? A central vacuum system