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Fresh Air System and Central Vacuum System in India

Say Goodbye to polluted and Stuffy air and Welcome a healthier environment. We provide Fresh Air Systems and Central Vacuum Systems for residential and commercial purposes. Investing in these systems is beneficial for your health and allows you to experience cleaner air and easier cleaning today.

Our Fresh air system harness contemporary technology to purify the air that you breathe. With exceptional filters and efficient ventilation, our fresh air system prevent dust odors and allergens, that ensure you’re your family and office co-workers enjoy a breath of fresh air every day.

Additionally, both homes and offices can benefit from the utmost convenience offered by our central vacuum systems. You can benefit from strong suction, simple-to-use attachments and a quieter cleaning experience with our central vacuum systems. These systems are made to effectively remove dirt and dust, keeping your space spotless and preserving a healthier environment by lowering allergens.

Benefits of Fresh Air System in India

Continuous ventilation is a must if you want to maximize the quality of life indoors and achieve a healthy living climate. After all, you spend 85 percent of your time indoors. Ventilation helps avoid unpleasant odour, allergies and other health problems. In addition, your building or home will be protected against condensation problems and mold formation.
In other words: a reliable ventilation system that does not interfere with comfort is an absolute must. This video informs you of the importance of ventilation.

Central Vacuum Systems

The Secret to keep it simply Clean. Our range of Automated Solution includes both wet & dry cleaning which is virtually maintenance free, zero noise system & takes away all your worries and nuisance of traditional cleaning.
We provide solutions for both residential and commercial & industrial applications.


  • Cleaning large homes and estates can be a daunting task. With multiple rooms, floors, and surfaces to clean, traditional vacuum cleaners may not be sufficient. This is where central vacuum systems come into play. A central vacuum system is a built-in cleaning system that provides powerful suction to remove dirt and debris from floors, walls, and upholstery. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of central vacuum systems for large homes and estates and take a closer look at the Drainvac central vacuum system. Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems for Large Homes and Estates Central vacuum systems offer several benefits for

  • As schools opened last year post-COVID-19, with rumours of a new strain and its infectious spread given the cold weather conditions, there are valid fears parents face when it comes to sending children to school. Many buildings in India house schools and small spaces, and even where there are sprawling campuses, there is a risk of surface spread. This is not just for COVID-19 but a larger safety net against viruses like measles, allergens, or even eye infections that are common among children. With studies that prove that these viruses and bacteria spread faster and are worse indoors, there is a

  • Industrial ventilation systems are very different from regular residential central vacuum systems or ventilation systems. They are built for heavy-duty functioning and need to ventilate larger spaces while handling different fumes or chemicals. Due to the controlled nature of the environment in this setting, we cannot simply open a window to freshen the indoor air. A common piece of ventilation equipment is the louvre. They increase ventilation to let in natural or mechanical light and air and curb moisture. Let us take a deep dive into louvres in industrial ventilation systems. What are Louvers? Louvres have been designed and popular since early. 14-15th