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Intake Vent

It is a Fresh Air Supply System That Blends into the wall and hence no additional maintenance required. Its draft free design has a thermostat and filters the contaminants from the air
  • Blends into the wall
  • No additional maintenance required
  • Draft free design
  • Filters contaminants from the air
  • Fast and easy filter change
  • Easy installation
  • Inbuilt 10 micron filter line.
  • For retrofit or new homes.

No draft design

The renon® intake vent brings fresh outdoor air into the building.
The vent is designed to prevent uncomfortable draft as the air flow is directed upwards, where the fresh air mixes with the warm indoor air. This will keep the room temperature at an ideal level without the sense of draft.

Use & installaton

The Renson® intake vent is suitable for both new buildings and renovation projects. It can be used in detached houses, multiapartment houses and row houses. The intake vent is installed on a wall. The vent can also replace an old air intake vent. Installing is quick and easy as no coupling or wiring is necessary. The vent can be completely closed, for instance in case of a fire in the area. The Renson® intake vent with thermostat can be used in buildings with passive & mechanical ventilation. The thermostat adjusts automatically to the outdoor temperature, meaning that when it is colder ouside the vent lets in less air.

Modifiable appearance

The visual look of the white air intake vent is easily modified. If one wishes, the product can be wallpapered or painted to fit the interior of the room. The insulation material prevents problems with condensation. The high-quality filter effectively prevents contaminants like dust and pollen from entering the building. Changing the filter is quick and easy as no screwing is necessary. Other maintenance is not required.
Designing Solutions for Fresh Air Ventilation System