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Design Solutions

Home Ventilation Design

At Cleair, we specialize in innovative home ventilation design solutions that ensure fresh and clean air for your living spaces. Our advanced systems are designed to enhance indoor air quality, providing a healthier environment for you and your family. With Cleair’s ventilation design, you can enjoy features like:

Features of Air ventilation design System For Home and Office

  • Customized airflow solutions for optimal ventilation
  • Energy-efficient design to reduce energy consumption
  • Smart controls for convenient and precise air management
  • Enhanced indoor air quality for a healthier living environment
  • Tailored solutions to match your home’s architecture and layout

Single Room Demand Controlled Fresh Air Ventilation – Homes & Offices

Why You need

  • Continuous supply of fresh air from outside
  • Filters contaminants from outside air
  • Easy installation for retrofit or new homes


  • Smart demand-controlled extraction system
  • With VOC, CO2, H2O sensors
  • Smart App to monitor & measure the air quality

Complete House Fresh Air Ventilation System with Indoor Air Quality(IAQ)

Intake Vent

  • Continuous supply of fresh air from outside
  • Filters contaminants from outside air
  • Easy installation for retrofit or new homes


  • A centralised extraction unit of polluted air
  • Extracts pollutants from 4 rooms simultaneously

Complete House Demand Controlled Fresh Air Ventilation System


  • Continuous supply of fresh air from outside
  • Filters contaminants from outside air
  • Easy installation for retrofit or new homes


  • A smart demand controlled centralised extraction system
  • With VOC, CO2, H2O sensors for all wet & dry zones
  • Measure & monitors the indoor air quality, and extraction of air from up to 11 rooms
  • Smart App to monitor & measure the air quality
Mechanical fresh air ventilation system

Complete House Demand Controlled Mechanical Ventilation System

Endura Delta
  • Demand-controlled ventilation system
  • 2 fans for air supply and air extraction
  • Integrated Humidity, CO2 & VOC sensors.
  • Integrated G4 & F7 filters
  • Integrated & Controlled by Endura Delta App


Cleair’s ventilation design for home goes beyond the ordinary, offering you a comprehensive solution for improved indoor air quality and comfort. Our innovative approach focuses on combining advanced technology with thoughtful engineering to create systems that work seamlessly within your living space.

At the heart of Cleair’s Home Ventilation Design is a sophisticated airflow management system. Our engineers carefully analyze your home’s layout to create a customized ventilation plan. This plan ensures that fresh air is evenly distributed to all corners of your living space, eliminating stagnant pockets and promoting a healthier atmosphere.

We understand the importance of minimizing energy consumption while maintaining optimal ventilation. Cleair’s design prioritizes energy efficiency, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to provide exceptional performance without putting a strain on your energy bills. You can enjoy fresh air without worrying about excessive energy costs.

Take control of your indoor air quality like never before with Cleair’s intelligent smart controls. Our systems are designed to adapt to your preferences and lifestyle. Adjust ventilation settings, monitor air quality levels, and even schedule ventilation cycles—all through an intuitive interface that can be accessed from your smartphone or device.

Design isn’t just about circulating air; it’s about enhancing its quality. Our systems are equipped with advanced filtration mechanisms that effectively remove contaminants, allergens, and pollutants. Breathe easy knowing that the air you’re enjoying is clean, fresh, and conducive to a healthier living environment.

We believe that a ventilation system should complement your home’s aesthetics, not disrupt it. Design seamlessly integrates with your existing layout. Our engineers work closely with you to ensure that the system fits effortlessly into your home, offering an unobtrusive solution that delivers exceptional results.

Our design is an intelligent fusion of technology, engineering, and comfort. Our systems work harmoniously to provide you with an enhanced living environment that promotes well-being and quality of life. With Cleair, your home ventilation is transformed into a smart, efficient, and health-focused solution that you can rely on.

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