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System D

Mechanical Fresh Air Ventilation System for Home

It is a demand-controlled, central ventilation system. The Renson® D+ system is based on a combination of demand-controlled ventilation with 2 fans for air supply and air extraction. Heat recovery to create a pleasant indoor climate can also be customized.Ventilation on demand? We have got it covered. Our Mechanical fresh air ventilation for home is a demand controlled central ventilation system – the Renson D+ system. With fans for air supply, circulation and extraction, you can now customize your home’s climate!


Demand-controlled, central ventilation system.
Combination of demand-controlled ventilation with 2 fans for air supply and air extraction.
Heat recovery option available for creating a pleasant indoor climate.
Ventilation on demand with the Renson D+ system.
Fans for air supply, circulation, and extraction for customizing your home's climate.
Provides fresh outdoor air supply.
Efficiently drains polluted indoor air.
Allows fresh outdoor air for night cooling.
Equipped with outdoor sun protection features
Outdoor sun protection
Mechanical fresh air ventilation system

Intelligent Ventilation System For Your Home

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your home’s air quality and well-being. Upgrade to our Mechanical Fresh Air Ventilation System today and transform your living space into a haven of fresh air and comfort. Say goodbye to stale air and hello to a healthier home environment with our advanced ventilation system. Experience the benefits of a smart, automated ventilation system that adapts to your needs, optimizing air quality while saving energy. It is a demand-controlled ventilation system with heat recovery with:

  • Integrated Humidity, CO2 & VOC (volatile organic compounds) sensors
  • Passive House Certified
  • Extremely Quiet & Noiseless System
  • Highly Energy efficient
  • Integrated & Controlled by Endura Delta App
  • 2 filters to protect heat exchanger and fans from dust and insects.

Faster return on investment

Don't compromise on your family's health - choose our Intelligent Ventilation System for a breath of fresh air in your home. Upgrade your home with our Intelligent Ventilation System and enjoy the benefits of cleaner, fresher air every day. The D+ ventilation system recovers heat from the discharged polluted air to give the cold outside air a 'heat boost'. In contrast with the C+ ventilation system, a balanced ventilation system does not work per zone internally, but the ventilation level of the entire house is the same. With a fully mechanical system like this one, it is also very important for proper (and healthy!) operation that it is maintained at the specified times and filters are cleaned and replaced in time.
Mechanical fresh air ventilation system

Endura Delta: Renson's D+ ventilation system

Of course, the Renson ventilation specialist also has a solution for D+ systems that offers more than other, similar D systems. Endura Delta, with two fans for the supply and discharge of air, works with detectors in the extraction unit, based on continuous measurements these determine the intensity of the ventilation in the house. Working this way, the demand management is perfectly tailored to your needs and those of your housemates. In addition, Endura Delta is operated via a convenient app.

Ventilation Made easy with endura delta app

As an innovative ventilation specialist, Renson has committed itself to transform every home into a healthy and comfortable living environment. The Endura Delta can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet. The app also provides information on the functioning of the system and the air quality in your home.

The Endura Delta app allows you to:

  • Configure the unit
  • Fill in a measurement report and register the unit.
  • Set timers that allow you to make temporary changes to the current ventilation programme.
  • Control the system by quickly and intuitively navigating through the various menus.
  • Check the status of the ventilation system. The app will provide you with feedback on the total air flow, the relative humidity level, the indoor air quality, the inside and outside temperature and the filter status