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Fresh Air
Ventilation System for Home & Commercial

Make your spaces happier and brighter. Enjoy sunlight, clean air and freshness inside and outside with Cleair’s fresh air ventilation system for home & commercial. Our partners, Renson – a pioneer in fresh air ventilation systems, adhering to EU standards are the best in class. Give your Fresh Air Ventilation System For Home and office or commercial space the light it needs, the ventilation and air you need. Continuous ventilation is a must if you want to maximize the quality of life indoors and achieve a healthy living climate. After all, you spend 85 percent of your time indoors. Ventilation helps avoid unpleasant odors, allergies and other health problems.

System C

System C

Demand & zone controlled extraction of polluted air

System D

System D

Demand-controlled, central ventilation with heat recovery

Intake Vent

Intake Vent

Filters contaminants & brings fresh outdoor air into the building.



Our extensive range of accessories to ensure that every installation is successful.

Building Your New Dream Home? We are the best Fresh Home Systems in India, and we comprehend how crucial clean, fresh air is in both domestic and commercial settings. Our devoted team of professionals is skilled at installing cutting-edge ventilation systems that guarantee the best possible air quality, bringing some fresh air into your living and working areas. Breathe Fresh Air With Our Fresh Air Ventilation Systems. Continuous and controlled ventilation is your only guarantee of a healthy indoor climate .

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Our ventilation, solar control and outdoor solutions create a comfortable and safe environment in which to live and work.


Indoor Air Quality Ventilation System for Home and Office.

An average adult consumes 7,570 litres of air per day & spends 90% time indoors.

Contrary to what many people think, the inside air quality is on average 10 times worse than the outdoor air quality.


Fresh Home Systems is your dependable partner when it comes to air ventilation systems for both residential and commercial properties. We deliver top-notch installations that adhere to the highest standards thanks to our in-depth knowledge, industry expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Benefit from the advantages of clean, fresh air with Fresh Home Systems. To discuss your ventilation requirements and arrange a consultation with our team of professionals, contact us right away. Live more comfortably with our cutting-edge air ventilation solutions.

The air is contaminated by cooking, showering, heating, cleaning, and even breathing and perspiring.

Many individuals believe that occasionally cracking open the windows will suffice to provide the required ventilation. The result, though, is only fleeting and local. Your only assurance of a healthy indoor climate is constant and controlled ventilation.

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