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Wet & Dry Automatic - Master Series

Drainvac Wet & Dry Automatic Central Vacuum Systems

Did you know? Vacuum systems can pick up and clean liquids with as much ease as dust and garbage. Explore from our range of Wet & Dry Automatic Central Vacuum systems – for a convenient, plug n play, noise free and dust free experience! With bagless waste disposal, liquid cleaning capabilities and superior suction power, it is cleaning made easy with Drainvac’s wet and dry automatic central vacuum solutions.


Air Watts: 525
mmH2O: 3605 m3/h 215
Decibels: 66
Motors(s): 1
Capacity: 18.00 L
Size: 30.00 cm dia x 160.00 cm


Air Watts: 2 x 355mm
H2O: 4191 m3/h 198
Decibels: 70
Motors(s): 2 in series
Capacity: 29.00 L
Size: 38.00 cm dia x 165.00 cm

Features of the Master Series

  • Can vacuum dry materials and large quantities of liquids.
  • Empties itself directly into the drain: no bag to replace, no canister to empty; everything is automated.
  • LevelSMART: stops and empties the unit when it is full.
  • Cannot be paired with an auxiliary head. Available only for commercial models

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