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  • Fresh Air Ventilation System Accessories

Our fresh air ventilation systems are delivered in kit-packaging, so that you always have all the right parts for a successful installation. We also offer an extensive range of fresh air ventilation system accessories to ensure that every installation can be completed successfully.

Discover how these accessories can elevate your ventilation experience:

Complete Installation Kits: Our fresh air ventilation systems are delivered in kit-packaging, ensuring you always have the right parts for a successful installation. These kits include a carefully curated selection of accessories that complement your ventilation system, streamlining the installation process and ensuring compatibility.

SQAIR VALVE: Fine-tune airflow with our adjustable SQAIR VALVE. Its sleek design seamlessly integrates with your space, and the direct duct connection ensures efficient airflow distribution. Choose from different versions, including a deluxe option with two deflectors and a pulse valve with acoustic material for quieter operation.

Health-Optimizing Additions: Elevate indoor air quality with specialized accessories. Our bathroom and toilet valves come equipped with CO2, VOC, and H2O sensors for comprehensive air quality monitoring. These intelligent valves automatically adjust ventilation rates based on real-time sensor data, ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment.

Customized Control: Tailor your ventilation system to your needs with our range of accessories. From adjustable valves to sensor-equipped components, our accessories empower you to customize ventilation rates, adapt to changing occupancy levels, and address specific air quality concerns.

Energy-Efficient Solutions: Achieve energy efficiency with our accessories. By fine-tuning airflow and adapting ventilation rates, you prevent unnecessary energy consumption while maintaining optimal air quality. Our accessories contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly ventilation solution.

Professional Support: Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the right accessories for your ventilation system. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we’re here to provide guidance and ensure that your ventilation system is optimized for performance and efficiency.

SQair Valve

Adjustable valve available in 4 versions and Protrudes only 24 mm from the ceiling or the wall. It has grid base + front plate. It connects directly onto the air ducts, The Deluxe pulse valve has 2 deflectors & The pulse valve is provided with acoustic material.

Easy Flex®

EasyFlex® flexible ducts – Plain,Oval and round

EasyFlex® flexible connection piece

Easyflex® round duct ø125, 80, 125

EasyFlex® crosspiece pivot

EasyFlex® valve connection

Easyflex® adaptor flat to round 140 x 60 > ø125

Easyflex® Y-piece

Easyflex® vertical bend 90°

Easyflex® connector with integrated rubber gaskets

Easyflex® quick fastener

Easyflex® distribution box

Easyflex® insulation tube

Easyflex® inspection hatch

Kits Healthbox

Bathroom with toilet Valve with CO2, VOC & H2O Sensors

  • Equipped with CO2, VOC & H2O sensors for comprehensive air quality monitoring.
  • Automatic ventilation adjustments based on real-time sensor data.
  • CO2 sensor detects occupancy and air quality changes, VOC sensor addresses pollutants, and H2O sensor controls humidity.

Toilet Valve with VOC sensors

  • Specialized valve for effective detection and management of volatile organic compounds.
  • Intelligent ventilation adjustments based on real-time VOC measurements.
  • Ensures removal of potential pollutants and maintains fresh indoor environment.

Bedroom/Kitchen valve with CO2 sensors

  • Precision CO2 sensors for continuous monitoring of carbon dioxide levels.
  • Responsive and automated ventilation adjustments based on CO2 concentration.
  • Promotes healthier atmosphere in bedrooms and kitchens, optimizing indoor air quality and comfort.