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Fresh Air Ventilation System Accessories

Our fresh air ventilation systems are delivered in kit-packaging, so that you always have all the right parts for a successful installation. We also offer an extensive range of fresh air ventilation system accessories to ensure that every installation can be completed successfully.

SQair Valve

Adjustable valve available in 4 versions and Protrudes only 24 mm from the ceiling or the wall. It has grid base + front plate. It connects directly onto the air ducts, The Deluxe pulse valve has 2 deflectors & The pulse valve is provided with acoustic material.

Easy Flex®

EasyFlex® flexible ducts – Plain,Oval and round

EasyFlex® flexible connection piece

Easyflex® round duct ø125, 80, 125

EasyFlex® crosspiece pivot

EasyFlex® valve connection

Easyflex® adaptor flat to round 140 x 60 > ø125

Easyflex® Y-piece

Easyflex® vertical bend 90°

Easyflex® connector with integrated rubber gaskets

Easyflex® quick fastener

Easyflex® distribution box

Easyflex® insulation tube

Easyflex® inspection hatch

Kits Healthbox

  • Bathroom with toilet Valve with CO2, VOC & H2O Sensors

  • Toilet Valve with VOC sensors

  • Bedroom/Kitchen valve with CO2 sensors