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Central vacuum system

Maybe you love home technology, gadgets and electronics that make your life easier. A central vacuum system seems like it is feasibility only for large offices or commercial spaces, industries or warehouses, where the area is so large that tugging around a vacuum cleaner seems a huge task. However, the idea of a Residential central vacuum system for homes has been gaining popularity.

A central vacuum system is integrated with a building’s scaffolding at the construction stage itself, is expensive and seems elusive. But is that really so? Let us take a look.

What is a Central Vacuum System?

A central vacuum system is a complete vacuuming system for dust, debris and in some cases even liquid removal from floors and furniture.

The central vacuum system typically consists of a huge power unit, usually installed in a concealed location like the basement or garage, and in cases of apartments, even in a closet or the storage cabinet. This power unit is the suction unit and is the system’s core hub.

How does it work?

It operates through a network of suction pipes, electrical wiring and cables that run through the house, linking every room to the central unit. Some variants also have detachable or retractable hoses. These hoses go into ports that are placed in every room.

Other variants have vacuum dustpans built into the floor that serve like a dustpan. All you have to do it sweep dust and debris into it. It will suck up whatever is placed on it.

While retrofitting, or the process of installing a central vacuum system in an already built house exists, the system itself is seamless when installed into the scaffolding of the building.

Should I get a central vacuum system for my home?

TLDR, yes. You may be tempted to put it off because it seems like an investment that is substitutable. But look at the pros:

Return on Investment:

A vacuum system can be a great advantage to a smart home. It is also a good investment, that delivers not just on cleaning, convenience and comfort. You can save big bucks on manpower, waste disposal, time and energy in the long run. Further, you do not have to pull along a heavy vacuum cleaner, plug it in each room and operate it. You can just connect the hose to the port and start vacuuming.

Deep Cleaning like a professional:

Who does not love clean homes? We all do! There is something comforting about a clean, fresh-smelling, neat place. A central vacuum system comes with numerous attachments that a regular vacuum cleaner does not have. A central vacuum system cleans walls, floors, roofs, hard-to-reach places, furniture and upholstery. What’s more, it also picks up wet and dry waste.

A wide range of systems to choose from, and a wider range of attachments to suit every specific purpose. Few central vacuum systems also come with floor or baseboard attachments that have vacuum suction boards. If you use the regular broom and mop, you can just sweep debris into the suction board and it drains automatically to the central debris collection centre.

Also, central vacuum system motors are twice or even thrice as strong as portable vacuum cleaner motors. Some even come with HEPA filter attachments, that can pick up fine dust, pollutants and even microbial particles. The air is then released outside through a vent.

Clean, green & Healthy spaces:

A central vacuum system provides more benefits than just cleaning up, such as ease of operation, very low noise, and comfort. Now you can very well listen to your favourite playlist or podcast without the noise of the vacuum drowning it, or even vacuum in peace while the baby is sleeping. No more complaints from neighbours either! At 58 decibels, their systems almost just whisper.

Also, there are savings on energy in the long run. It also cleans and filters air, surfaces and walls keeping them healthy and germ-free. They also do not need frequent replacements as portable vacuums do.

Ease of operation and comfort:

Central vacuum systems are simple to use and do not need complex understanding. These are fuzzy machines that are light and flexible. All you do is pick a hose, put on a switch and start vacuuming. Retractable hoses or light hoses that you can plug and play with. What’s more, no more emptying filthy vacuum bags as it drains directly into the drainage or garbage collection centre.

To conclude…

With obvious advantages of comfort and ease of operation, central vacuum systems are catching up. They are becoming integral parts of smart homes. So if you are planning to buy a new home, make sure you get a central vacuum system installed during construction.