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Fresh air ventilation system for home

An important approach of lowering the concentrations of indoor air pollutants or contaminants including any viruses that may be in the air is to increase ventilation with pure air quality. ensure proper ventilation in your home that will automatically improve the air quality and reduces airborne contaminants, including viruses. A perfect fresh air system at home can even reduce surface contaminants by removing virus particles before they fall out in air and land on surfaces. Increasing ventilation can be a best plan for protecting your home from infections.

The best way to stop spreading of infections at home is to keep the infected people from home, but we cannot suspect the infected people since there is asymptomatic spread of viruses and infections. According to the indoor air quality researchers we can reduce the chance of spreading infections either by increasing the ventilation or by using a perfect filtered fresh air system at home.

When we deeply see how the air exchange takes place naturaly if we open the windows and doors open for more ventilation. The typical air exchange rate for a home is 0.5 air exchange per hour as the air moves in a random way it takes 2 hours to replace only 2/3 rd of the air inside the home and takes 6 hours to exchange all the air and there is also a risk of sudden invasion of insects pollens and mites which you may not notice through your eyes.

This slow air exchange is not safe if you want to reduce the spread of infections, the higher the ventilation rate the better you can breathe.

Lets have a glance on few places where there is a chance of spreading the infection more at our home, knowing the sources of infection will help you t easily prevent them from spreading.

  • The living room where you spend most of the time with family and invite visitors to enter your home during parties may have high risk of spreading the infections and viruses, if you have HAVC system you can run the system fan to longer times for purifying the air in your living room.
  • Kitchen is also a place where there is a chance of spreading infections through the mold, insects and rotten things, even the cooking gases may also cause severe respiratory infections, so use best vents that have best filters which will purify the air inside your home with in no span of time.
  • Bathrooms have high risk of spreading the infections, the bad odours may cause the unpleasant environment at home using the correct ventilation system will improve the quality of air inside your home.

If you have HAVC, heating and cooling system at home, run them continuously as they filters the air, they also have perfect intakes that equally distributes air according to the air quality to maintain it to good quality inside your home. they have high efficient airt air ventilations and heat recovery ventilators which is best solution to stop the spread of infections. Upgrade the system to cleair fresh air system which serves all your cleaning purposes for purifying the air inside your home and increases the indoor air quality and stops the spread of infections and viruses.

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